3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro 3.21.7 Apk FREE Download For ANDROID

3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro

Download: 3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro v3.21.7 Apk | 776 KB | Resumbale Links | Requires Android:1.5 and up |

Complete battery monitoring with notification icon, history, graphics and alarms!

What’s in this version :

  •     Fix licensing checks on Android 4.0.x and below
  •     Revert default to dark theme

App Review:

The most complete tool to manage your battery: Shows historical data (%, mA, mW, mV and temperature), calculates estimated run-times and battery aging, helps calibrate battery and improve your battery run-time.


  •  NOT all phones report accurate mA – Check app web-site for more information
  •  The app displays the % remaining, voltage and temperature data reported by Android OS
  •  HTC One X reports incorrect mA during standby, use mA corrections for better results
  •  Android battery stats have nothing to do with % calculations
  • Measures real battery capacity using historical data!
  • Display all information using great looking graphics, fully scrollable and zoomable.
  • Use additional packages to show great looking icons in notification bar
  • Display historical graphics or battery data on your home screen using widgets of various sizes!
  • Triggers alarm based on battery data (voltage and temperature limits)
  • Manually resets battery calibration/statistics on rooted phone
  • Support Motorola Defy/Atrix 1% reporting
  • Online help accessible from settings
  • Export data to System Tuner Pro to analyze which process is responsible for battery drain!
  • Lowest battery consumption on the market! Disable history/graphics for even lower consumption! Check web-site for app consumption and supported phones.
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3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro Apk

3C Battery Monitor Widget Pro Apk

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