Delta Touch 1.12 Apk FREE Download

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Requires : Android 4.1 and up |

Four of the best ‘Doom engine’ source ports brought to Android.

What’s New:

  • Added ‘Precision shoot’ option for touch controls
  • Can now choose fluidsynth sound fonts files to load with your mod (.sf2 files)
  • Fixed WakeLock – reduce battery usage when in background.
  • Improved touch controls freezing issue
  • Use Glide to load images in launcher

Game Review:

  • GZDoom (v1.9.1 & v3.2x & dev)
  • Chocolate Doom
  • PrBoom+
  • RetroDoom

Delta Touch Apk

Delta Touch Apk

Delta Touch Apk Full touch screen controls and full game-pad support.

  • Highly customizable touch screen controls.
  • Built in keyboard to access cheats and console commands
  • Custom UI to easily select your wads and mods
  • Custom buttons for GZDoom for mods
  • Fully navigatable UI via a gampad
  • Software AND OpenGL modes for PrBoom and GZDoom
  • Play thousands of community made mods and levels!
  • Downloads midi and Fluidsynth samples for quality music
  • Support for Doom, Hexen, Heretic and Strife wads
  • Multiplayer launcher for GZDoom and Chocolate Doom
  • Mouse and Keyboard support (OREO ONLY)
  • Now with gyro aim assist (Gyroscope needed)

FreeDoom data included to start playing immediately.

You will need approximately 60MB extra space to download music libraries and FreeDoom data.

Copy your own ‘wad’ files (doom.wad, hexen.wad etc) to your device to play games compatible with the ‘Doom’ engine.