Enpass Password Manager Apk FREE Download

Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 41,6 MB

Enpass offers you freedom from remembering too many passwords and other important credentials. It secures them in one place by your master password and makes them accessible anywhere and everywhere – on your smartphones, tablets, or desktops. The app also helps you create strong and unique passwords for every login without the need to remember any of those.

Enpass is unbeatable:

  • Free Full Featured Desktop Version For Mac, Windows And Linux
  • No Subscription Charges Or Sign-up Required
  • Autofills Login details in Chrome Browser and Third party Apps
  • Works with Fingerprints
  • Vast range of preset templates to store every kind of information
  • Backup/Restore over WiFi
  • Categorize your data in Folders.

Enpass Password Manager Apk

Enpass Password Manager Apk

Enpass Password Manager Apk For Enpass, security is paramount:

  • Military grade encryption- Enpass secures your data by SQLCIPHER which is transparent and open-source AES-256 encryption to ensure highest level of security. All protection mechanism is done locally (offline) at your device.
  • No online signup required- Instead of our servers, your data is secured in your device or your cloud.
    Strong password generator- Built-in password generator lets you create strong and unique passwords for logins.
  • Auto locking- Automatically locks itself when not in use.
  • Autoclear clipboard- Clears clip board automatically (Optional).

Enpass is for everyone:

  • Cross-platform compatibility- Available for all major desktop and smartphone platforms.
  • Cloud-sync- Syncs securely across your devices through Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, ownCloud/WebDAV and Box.
  • Import from other popular password managers.

Seamless browsing:

  • Autofilling – Autofills your login details while browsing in Chrome and Enpass browser.
    Multi-tabbed browser- Browse multiple sites using tabs in Enpass Browser.

Fully loaded, yet economic:

  • Free desktop version- Full featured desktop version is Free for MAC, Windows and Linux.
  • Works with Fingerprints.
  • Supports quick unlock using PIN
  • Fully customizable
  • Folder support

This app uses Accessibility services to automatically fill the login details in app and websites.


  • PlayPass users were getting detected as Pro users until registration, now fixed.
  • After five incorrect login attempts via Biometrics, now fallback to Master password.