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Forces of Freedom

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Requires : Android 4.4 and up |

Forces of Freedom is a tactical team combat game, currently in Early Access.

What’s New:

This update brings a fresh take to a familiar map and RU Sniper changes.

  • ‘Highway of Death’ is reworked.
  • Capture area of the map has more cover.
  • Ramps reworked to allow access to more tactical positions
  • You can shoot and be shot through glass windows on cars

Forces of Freedom Apk

Forces of Freedom Apk

Forces of Freedom Apk

  • More cover throughout the map and reworked sight lines
  • RU Sniper now has a magazine for his Mosin-Nagant, Faster Intra-mag shooting, Lower damage per shot, Faster movement speed

Game Review:

Play real-time multiplayer battles in intense 5v5 rounds – think Blitz meets SOCOM. Play as a sniper or rifleman in this PVP MMO, with authentic military soldiers from across the globe and across timelines. Starting in the 1960s up to today’s special forces, Forces of Freedom is intense combats over multiple maps and game modes.

Forces of Freedom Mod Features:

  • Radar Mod