Gunslugs Rogue Tactics 1.0.9 Apk FREE Download

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics

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Requires : Android 4.0 and up |

In Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics Sneak around and take your time to take down the enemies? you can do that!

What’s New:

  • Fixed: music+effects kept playing when pressing home (or got a phonecall, etc).

Game Review:

What can you expect from the game: action-platforming that the original games were, but introduced with a host of features that turn the game into a more stealthy and tactical oriented game with some rogue-lite features on top.

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics Apk

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics Apk

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics ApkTouch-controls are fully customizable (size, placing on screen) and the game supports controllers.The idea is that you are free to tackle this game in the way you like: Prefer to rush through the game guns blazing? You’re THAT good? Well go for it!

My tip? Try a little bit of both, and be more tactical about your approach. Often it’s smarter to not engage with a large group of enemies, and rather take them out one by one or with a well placed sticky bomb, or land mine. In other situations going full on Rambo-mode is probably the best chance of survival and get to the chopper!

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics APK Features:

  • Objectives – complete missions to progress in the game
  • Stealth – Avoid security cameras, hide from enemies and distract them with rocks, tennis-balls or other throwable objects.
  • Loot – A variation of items is there to help you on your missions, shields, helmets, different shoe types, EMP’s, weapons, and more. Learn how to use each item in the most optimal way to help you survive missions
  • Procedural generation – Every game will be generated differently, increasing the replay value.