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Lightning Launcher

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Requires Android:1.5 and up


  • Lose the fat, keep the muscle. Be warned, Lightning Launcher is on steroïds.
  • Lightning Launcher: Lose the fat, keep the muscle. Be warned, this launcher is on steroïds.

This application has been designed to minimize memory usage and be fast: the more memory you have for your applications, the faster they will run. In other words Lightning Launcher has been built from the ground to preserve your phone’s resources and keep it smooth.  In spite of its ridiculously small size (less than 60kb!), Lightning Launcher is packed with a fair amount of features and brings to Android a very unique concept: the home screen can be seen as a giant surface on which you are free to put icons, shortcuts or widgets exactly where YOU WANT, and not limited to a 4×4 grid. Pinch to zoom in or out the desktop, use the home key to switch between a full scale view or the normal size, or double tap on empty space as in the web browser to immediately see all your icons. And everything stay functional whatever the zoom level is: widgets are alive, icons can be clicked, and so on. You Can Also Download Flick Shoot 3.4.8 Apk FREE 

Lightning Launcher Apk

Lightning Launcher Apk

Lightning Launcher Apk Lightning Launcher drops rarely used features and focuses on useful ones but comes nevertheless with numerous customization options. Icons and widgets can be moved, scaled and even rotated freely. Each object can be configured independently, you can change the font, the label, the icon and much more! The package is extremely small, only a few kilobytes. What it means is that the Android system do not need to load several megabytes to run this app. Lightning Launcher starts faster and run in perfect harmony with your other apps. For people kindly asking why the CALL_PHONE permission is needed (notice that this the only one needed by LL!): this is needed for direct call shortcuts, and this permission is included in all major launchers, including Go and Pro. For other people not asking why and putting stupid one star comments: go away, you have just lost a unique chance to try something new and better, have a good day. This is a living project, features are added regularly since the first version of this app: do not hesitate to ask for feature or report a bug. All bug reports and suggestions are highly appreciated. Report bugs instead of posting comments such as “buggy, uninstalled” please, so that I can fix problems, other users can benefit of the correction, and everyone is happy.