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Man-Eating Plant VIP

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Be the master of the dungeon and feed the warriors sneaking in to steal the precious treasures to the monster plant!

Game Review:

This is the VIP version of the Man-Eating Plant.

VIP benefits

  • 10000 coins
  • 30 Dark Stones
  • 10 Video Ads skip coupons
  • Free Pet(Developer)

Video ads still play at the user’s option.

(It is far from your usual bug eating plant

Information: We dare say that the music on this game is a piece of art in this game so make sure to have earphones on while playing.

Man-Eating Plant VIP Apk

Man-Eating Plant VIP Apk

Man-Eating Plant VIP Apk Prologue:

  • The player’s character is the master of a dungeon in a far-flung corner of nowhere. For him having to fend off the warriors who keep coming over to thieve items and treasures is a real pain.
  • One day, he gets himself a little plant in order to help him relax. However, as the plant grows our guy starts to get the feeling that he got more than what he bargained for.

Man-Eating Plant VIP Apk Features:

  • Cute graphics – pixel graphics composed pixel by pixel 100% manually.
  • Satisfying scream sound – There is a unique scream (?) for individual feed.
  • Different kinds of feed – There are about 30 different kinds of prey, so have fun discovering them one by one.
  • The next stage of the evolution of plant – As the plant grows, various body parts (?) evolve which might give you something to chuckle about.
  • The pets from the other dimension- pets that have sold their souls (?) in the other world will collect coins for you.

How to play:

  • Water the pot and let it sprout.
  • Once it grows a head, I try to feed it a slime.
  • After eating, the plant spits out the treasure the prey possessed.
  • Gather the things you spit out and feed them better.
  • Keep feeding the plant and watch it evolve.