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One Day In London

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In an interactive novel One Day In London you will solve puzzles, carry out special tasks and even perform magical rituals.

Game Review:

The main characteristic of a visual novel game is achieving immersion by giving the player the ability to influence the story through choices.

The plot:

The story is set in the 19th century England during Queen Victoria’s reign. Our main hero is a bored descendant of an aristocratic family who is fascinated by the occult. He becomes an initiate of a secret society by way of a friend’s invitation – and unexpectedly finds that legends are real. He faces the frightening underworld and becomes an unwilling participant in a series of weird events, sudden deaths, and underhanded machinations among humans, demons, and mystical creatures. Of course, a story can’t be complete without a mysterious lady whose past is shrouded in darkness… What outcome awaits our hero? Only time knows… Time and the player’s choice.

One Day In London Apk

One Day In London Apk

One Day In London Apk

Main features:

  •     Engaging nonlinear narrative – dozens of possible branching storylines and several unique endings!
  •     Interactive gameplay, mini-games, quests.
  •     Memorable and well-written characters, elaborate world.
  •     Luxurious graphics, cutting-edge effects, high-quality animation of cut-scenes.
  •     Atmospheric soundtrack.
  •     The story continues! New episodes released regularly.