Pandora X 1.0.62 Apk FREE Download For ANDROID

Download>> Pandora X v1.0.62 Apk | 183 MB | Resumable Links |

Requires : Android 4.0.3 and up |

Action Role Playing Game Pandora X presents an epic adventure to save the world!

Game Review:

The story is based on Pandora’s box, which contained all the evils of the world. Athena in the Sanctuary is looking for brave heroes whose heart is seeded with hope, to form the Knights of Sanctuary, in order to release Hope from Pandora’s box to the world. And YOU, the leader of the Knights of Sanctuary, have to find the key to open the box again.

Game Feature:

  •  Intuitive Control

Typical console-like control allows you to get a hand on the game easily, making combos like crazy!

Pandora X Apk

Pandora X Apk

Pandora X Apk

  • Heroes

Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Archer and Mage, we offer 5 classes with different attributes, allowing you to form different teams of your own style!

  •  Friend Assist

You can use your friend’s heroes to assist you in battle, to fight against evil together.

  •  Rich In-game Content

Epic storyline which keeps being updated, along with various in-game event dungeons will offer you lots of fun and rewards!