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Smart Screen Off PRO

Smart Screen Off PRO 2.0 Apk | Requires Android:1.5 and up


IMPORTANT: download and test LITE version, and make sure it works BEFORE buying this PRO version.(Light sensor combo works great with recent smartphones like Galaxy Nexus; Light sensor combo could not work good with old smartphone, because the built in sensor is of poor quality).

If you use TIMER DELAY + LIGHT SENSOR: Timer delay will start every times the proximity sensor is covered, but it will turn off screen only when is reached the “minimum + sensitivity” of light condition you set in the settings.

  • If you use Task Killers or Memory Cleaner, remember to add Smart Screen Off to exceptions!


At the moment the PRO version includes these features:

  • Start on Boot
  • Disable when in LandScape mode
  • Vibrate when screen is turned OFF

Smart Screen Off PRO Apk

Smart Screen Off PRO Apk

Smart Screen Off PRO Apk

  • Vibrate when screen is turned ON
  • Hide Icon
  • Hide Notification Messages
  • Enable/Disable on shake
  • Don’t screen on after screen Off
  • Configurable light sensor combo
  • Configurable Timer Delay
  • Display clock when screen is turned ON
  • Available in several languages
  •  Set ring to vibrate mode when proximity sensor is covered.

Future features:

  • Tell me your suggestion


Smart Screen Off PRO it’s a simple and light app which uses the Proximity Sensor built in your Android smartphone to turn the screen off and on automatically.


I decided to code this app when I bought my Galaxy Nexus: this device doesn’t have any physical button on the front screen. Being a quite huge phone, it’s quite difficult to press the “turn off” button every time I wanted to turn it off and on. So I needed a way to turn the screen off every time I put it into the pockets and off when removed.


  • The app itself is a toggle button, to switch it on just press the App Icon. Then every time you put the phone into your pockets the screen turns off.
  • If you put the smartphone upside down on the table, the screen turns automatically off.


In order to use Smart Screen Off, you need to have a phone with Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor (nowadays every smartphone incorporate both).