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Steel And Flesh MOD

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Steel And Flesh a Mixture of medieval 3D action and strategy.

What’s New:

  • Added 6 languages ​​(Português, Deutsch, Français). New landscapes. New battle scenes (city siege, castle siege and village siege). New city exterior.
  • Added the post of commander. New squad management. Expansion of dialogue with the lords. Squad’s need for food. Diplomacy. Relations with clans. The ability to levy clans tribute. Added tasks that can give a king or a military leader. The maximum size of the battle – 300 people.

Game Review;

You find yourself in the middle ages, where 12 big clans are fighting among themselves over land. You open a huge world with oceans, continents and Islands. Europe swept the uprising in the North, wielded by pirates. You can be an ordinary robber fighting with the bandits and attacking the village.

Steel And Flesh MOD Apk

Steel And Flesh MOD Apk

Steel And Flesh MOD Apk Or to swear to any of the clans and participate in large battles with strong opponents. And of course you always have the opportunity to be king of his own clan, the new land grabbing and attaching to itself more and more lords.

  • Global map
  • Continents and Islands
  • The 12 clans(Roman Empire, Rus, Ottoman Empire, Golden Horde, Vikings, England, France, Germany, Poland, Empire Song, Pirates, Rebels)
  • Towns, castles, villages and ports
  • Sailing
  • The battle in the third person
  • The cavalry
  •  Inventory
  • Customization

and much more.