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Requires Android:2.2 and up

Voice PRO, infinitely better than you have ever!


The best and most complete audio manager never existed! Voice Pro is not just a simple voice recorder buying this application you will realize the potential it have and how many functions and effects to apply to your recordings, pretty much anything you want (edit, crop, adjust, eliminate interference and noise, insert a different background, apply sound effects, change the tempo, change the volume, merge or mix recordings of different sizes and quality, convert voice recordings into text in over 50 languages and without any size limit!)


The voice recorder allows you to:

  • Record in WAVE-MP3-OGG and many others*
  • Add a background in real time using any file on your device, or by downloading a new free from our online library with ability to preview before downloading.
  • Insert TAGS that will help you take the interesting parts of the recordings during playback.
  • Use headphones to simulate the return of the background during recording.
  • Record in the background while using the device for other things.

Records Management allows you to:

  • See all the details of individual records, such as duration, samplerate, size and channels.
  • Play back with both internal and external players.
  • Take up the recordings and continue to record them.
  • Mix or Merge any records of any format, size and quality.

Voice PRO Apk

Voice PRO Apk

Voice PRO Apk

  • Manage your favorites, share, add notes and tags, and search the files.
  • Convert to formats (mp3, wav, flac, ogg and many others formats*).
  • Manage the GAIN, TIME, the REVERB and NOISE REDUCTION are just some examples of applicable effects.
  • Convert your recordings in TEXT, VOICE PRO is the only application on the market that converts your recordings of any size length in TEXT, with the ability to listen with internal speech synthesizer and save them in audio format. Ultimately, YOUR VOICE * becomes synthesized.
  • Encrypt and decrypt your recordings and password protect them with 128-bit*.

The Editor allow you to:

  • Mixing with other records or background.
  • Cut parts of recordings and save them as new files or formats Musical, alarm, notification or ringtone.
  • Restore from backup if something get wrong.

Additional features

  • Samplerate up to 48000Hz.
  • Encoding in 8 and 16 bit.
  • Recording format MONO and STEREO.
  • Auto Gain control to reduce rumuri during the recording.
  • Pause the recorder in case of incoming call.
  • Help each function of the internal
  • Manage icons, notifications and privacy
  • Backing up files
  • Submitting reports to the development team for the resolution of any problem.
  • How to video’s.
  • Installation on the SD CARD.

Voice PRO also have expandable features with extra cost, such as:

  • Importing files from any other application.
  • More audio import and export formats (8SVX formats, aif, aifc, amb, snd, DVMS, prc)
  • Mixing more than two audio files.
  • Call Recording
  • Voice to Text of any size
  • Encryption of files with AES 128-bit key.

Explanation of the permission:


  • This is to record audio from your microphone.


  • Recordings are saved on your external storage.


  • This allows recordings to continue even with the screen turned off.


  • This allow us to immediately contact you if some problem happened, info are save store on our own cloud.

Voice PRO is compatible with most devices on the market, but despite this we provide our users with assistance 24h ticket resolved with averages of 40 minutes.